Timber Engineering

Junior Professorship

Materials, connections and digital manufacturing technologies

The mission of our research group is the development of innovative wood-based material systems and joining technologies, in particular bonding, for application in modern timber engineering constructions. Hereby, our methodical workflow includes modelling, simulation, and optimization of materials as well as experimental testing. This approach shall enable in particular the use of and the chances and opportunities provided by modern digital and robotic manufacturing technologies for timber engineering constructions. The junior professorship is located at the Institute of Construction Materials (IWB) and closely linked to the Department of Timber Constructions at the Materials Testing Institute University of Stuttgart (MPA).

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Journal papers:

Koch, S.M.; Grönquist, P.; Monney, C.; Burgert, I.; Frangi, A.: Densified delignified wood as bio-based fiber reinforcement for stiffness increase of timber structures. In: Composites Part A 163 (2022), No. 107220, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.compositesa.2022.107220

Conference papers

Other publications


  • Winter semester: Wood Physics
  • Summer semester: Engineered Wood Products

Student Theses

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Philippe Grönquist

Jun.-Prof. Dr.



Rita Nirschl,

Materials Testing Institute, Timber Constructions

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