An overview of the reseach activities of the institute

The institute offers a broad research spectrum with its two departments "Materials and Construction" and Fastening- and Strengthening Methods"

Department Materials and Construction

Sensors in a structure during concrete production
Sensors in a structure during concrete production

The research activities of the department cover following topics:

  • Innovative Materials
  • Concrete mixing technology
  • Energy-optimised building constructions
  • Energetic retrofitting

Junior Professorship Timber Engineering

Since September 2022, the research spectrum has been supplemented by the newly established junior professorship in timber engineering. It deals with wood-based materials and connections with a special focus on digital manufacturing technologies.

Department Fastening and Strengthening Methods

Servo-hydraulic testing cylinder
Servo-hydraulic testing cylinder

Overview of current research activities:

  • Load bearing behavior of anchors and adhesive bonding
    Investigations on the behavior of various  anchor systems in concrete and masonry: cast-in anchors and anchor channels, post-installed anchors as adhesive bonded anchors, expansion anchors undercut anchors

  • Bond behavior of reinforcement and anchorage
    Improvement of testing procedures by development of new methods (beam-end-test) under various applications as static and dynamic loading, environmental influences and special loadings

  • Strengthening methods for reinforced concrete structures

  • Hazard Engineering

  • Numerical Simulation of complex processes of concrete and reinforced concrete structures


This image shows Harald Garrecht

Harald Garrecht

Prof. Dr.-Ing.


This image shows Jan Hofmann

Jan Hofmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Substitute Director

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