Fastening and Strengthening Methods

Research activities of the Department Fastening and Strengthening Methods

The research activities of the department Fastening and Strengthening Methods cover fastenings in concrete, masonry and other materials, strengthening of reinforced concrete structures and numerical simulation of chemo-hygro-thermo-mechanical processes in reinforced concrete structures. The focus lies on dynamic loading as impact, seismic, fatigue, environmental  influences and special loadings.

Fastening technology

Fundamental research fastening technology investigates the load bearing behavior and the durability of various fastenings in concrete and masonry

Fastening Technology

Innovative Strengthening with Fastenings

Based on experimental and numerical analyses strengthening methods for reinforced concrete structures are examined and new design models developed.


Our well equipped laboratory enables smooth testing for research and approvals.

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Department Fastening and Strengthening Methods

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