Quality Management Manual

This page gives an overview over the Quality Management Manual of the Department Fastening and Strengthening Methods

The chapters QM01, QM02, QM05 and QM011 can be downloaded as pdf-file (only in German)

No. Title PDF
QMH01 Organization and management  PDF
QMH02 Quality Management -System  PDF
QMH03 Handling of documents and data  
QMH04 Internal audits and quality reports  
QMH05 Quality assurance methods  PDF
QMH06 Staff  
QMH07 Rooms  
QMH08 Facitlities  
QMH09 Supply  
QMH10 Processing of orders  
QMH11 Test methods ands instructions  PDF
QMH12 Test reports  



This image shows Michael Potthoff

Michael Potthoff



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