Fastening Technology

Fundamental Research Fastening Technology

The fundamental research fastening technology covers

  • the study of the behavior of post-installed anchors and cast-in-situ elements in concrete and masonry under short-term, shock, seismic and fatigue loading
  • the durability of fastenings
  • their interaction with the structure serving as an anchor ground
  • special applications such as response of anchors to fire
  • the evaluation of analytical models for design
  • the development of test methods for fastening systems


Single anchor in the corner  (c)
Single anchor in the corner

The overall objective of these activities is the translation of research results into practice, made possible by the active participation of IWB staff in national and international code organizations such as ACI, CEN, EOTA, fib, publications in scientific journals and contributions of papers to international conferences.

Pullout testing in cracked concrete (c)
Pullout testing in cracked concrete

Current research activities are e.g.

  • durability of fastenings
  • load bearing behavior of anchors under fatigue loading
  • sustained loading  of chemical anchors
  • load bearing behavior of anchor channels


Werner Fuchs
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Werner Fuchs

Honorary Professor at KIT Karlsruhe, Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (FACI)

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