COMMAS E2-07 / Suggested Literature

Recommended Textbooks

Jirasek, M. & Bazant, Z. P.: Inelastic Analysis of Structures, J. Wiley and Sons, New York, 2002

Karihaloo, B. L.: Fracture Mechanics & Structural Concrete, Concrete Design and Construction Series, Longman Scientific & Technical, 1995

Shah, S. P., Swartz, S. E. & Ouyang, C.: Fracture Mechanics of Concrete: Applications of Fracture Mechanics to Concrete, Rock and Other Quasi-Brittle Materials, J. Wiley & Sons, New York, 1995

Other Articles and Texts

* Some of these articles and other literature are available for download on the course website.


Tensor Notation -
Heinbockel, J. H.: Introduction to Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics; (Section 1.1 - Part2.PDF); 34 pgs.

Variational Theorems -
Taylor, R. L.: Variational Equations and Variational Theorems; (Chapter 2: Introduction to strong and weak forms); 7 pgs.

Concrete material properties

Material Properties -
Hofstetter, G. and Mang, H. A.: Computational Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete Structures;; Vieweg; 1995; (Chapter 1); 46 pgs.

Modeling of concrete

Basic Frameworks and Overviews -
FIB TG 4.6: Modeling of R/C structures using FE; (in preparation); (Section 3.1 & 3.2); 27 pgs.

Jirasek, M.: Modeling of Damage and Fracture in Quasibrittle Materials, Lecture Notes for COMMAS Summer School, 2001

Material Models for Concrete -
Plasticity Based Models -
Hofstetter, G. & Mang, H. A.: Computational Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete Structures; Vieweg; 1995 (Chapter 2.2.3 & 3.2)

Damage Models-
Mazars, J. & Pijaudier-Cabot, G.: "Continuum Damage Theory - Application to Concrete"; Journal of Engineering Mechanics; Vol. 115; No. 2; 1989; 345-365

Smeared Crack Models -
Rots, J. G.: Crack Models for Concrete: Discrete or Smeared? Fixed, Multi-Directional or Rotating?; Heron; Vol. 34, No. 1; 1989; 56 pgs.

Microplane Models -

Ožbolt, J., Li, Y. & Kožar, I.: "Microplane model for concrete with relaxed kinematic constraint"; International Journal of Solids and Structures, Vol. 38, 2001, pp. 2683-2711