Numerical Simulation

FE-Simulation with MASA - MAcroscopic Space Analysis

In order to support experimental tests and better understand different problems related to the complex behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, in the last two decades at IWB a 3D Finite Element (FE) code MASA was developed

The FE Code is able to analyse different mechanical, non-mechanical and coupled problems such as:

  • Non-linear static and  multi-body dynamis, based on the rate-sensitive microplane model
  • simulation of time dependent phenomena for concrete such as creep, shrinkage and hydration of cement paste
  • simulation of transport processes in concrete (transport of heat, water, oxygen, chlorides)
  • simulation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures exposed to elevated temperature, based Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical model
  • simulation of chloride induced corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete before and after depassivation of reinforcement including transport of rust through cracks and pores of concrete


Joško  Ožbolt
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.

Joško Ožbolt

Apl. Professor

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